We’re Elliott Motorcycles​
We design and build race bikes.
We manufacture performance parts.
We race to prove perfection for riders who challenge limits.
We're Built Brave.
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It all started while Elliott Andrews built bikes in the UK

I was working in a brand-new, light filled shop. My bench was located beside a window where customers could see me work. Outside was often cold and gloomy so I spent a lot of time there working and developing ideas.  I had these ideas for parts that weren’t readily available for custom bike builds. Back then you’d have to search high and low to find something even remotely close to what you imagined. I figured it would be easier to make parts myself, or at least have them made by someone.

I was lucky to pick up work where I left off after moving across the world to Sydney, Australia.  Problem solving continued and products people wanted still weren’t available. So, I started designing them.

Friends enticed me to make the trip to Australia. One of those friends introduced me to my now mate and Aussie co-director, James.  Sitting in a pub one night, well fed and well oiled, we decided to launch Elliott Motorcycles and “keep it pinned” while doing it.    We’re getting some of these pent-up ideas and loads more to market. Nothing better than working with a good mate.

Elliott Motorcycles Racing Sunrise
Elliott Motorcycles Racer

Vision, Values, Purpose

Our world is built on bravery.
We abandon limits and constantly challenge what is possible,
in pursuit of the world’s most exhilarating ride.

Elliott Motorcycles builds race bikes and develops products to make your bike sound better, look awesome and go faster.  Ultimately, we make it more YOU.  If you’re into being ordinary, we’re not the brand for you. We back riders who share our passion for the thrill of the ride.  

We’re behind Corey Buttigieg, Australian Pro Stock motorcycle racing champion (2016) and Australian Competition Bike champion (2013). In 2018 he recorded a blisteringly fast 7.084 second pass on the quarter mile at Sydney Dragway. Corey is currently preparing to race in the Top Bike bracket of the 400 Thunder Australian Professional Drag Racing Series.  Keep an eye out for Corey and Elliott at the national championships. 

We’re continually looking to support talented riders.  Stay tuned for further team updates.

Who is Elliott

Our brand is represented by the signature of founder Elliott Andrews. A mark that signals Elliott’s obsession with performance.

If it’s right, I put my name on it.

I grew up in Birmingham, UK. After school I started work in my Dad’s motorcycle shop, working on all kinds of bikes. He gave me a level head, teaching me humility, focus and discipline.

When I was a kid, working for my dad on Saturdays I decided I wanted to customise my pushbike. So, I stripped it down to the frame, had it powdercoated black, rebuilt it, put different handlebars on it and made it pretty cool (inspired by a sportster).

Elliott Motorcycles Salt Race Bike
Elliott Motorcycles Parts

My Dad sacked me once. When I was 12 years old, working for him on Saturdays I was a typical kid doing half a job, with a bit of attitude of course. So, he sacked me! He said he didn’t want me working for him if I’m not going to do things properly. That straightened me out and he re-hired me a couple of months later. If I ever played up at home my punishment was that I had to start work early the next day. It was dark and cold pushing 20 odd bikes out the front of the shop early in the morning. My Dad would also send me out to work with a mate, who is a bit of a wheeler and dealer, to learn some “life skills”. Back in those days my mom was my union rep, always trying to get me a pay rise. I managed to get a few. Thanks mom.

I’ve been a motorcycle mechanic for over 15 years now and I’m also a motorcycle racer and have experience in all forms from road racing to land speed racing. I have big dreams for the future of Elliott Motorcycles so stay tuned and please come along for the ride.

Elliott Andrews, Founder

Elliott Motorcycles Land Speed Racing