Emtron engine management systems

Emtron develop a range of high end engine management systems designed for a market that requires uncompromising flexibility. Emtron systems are available through Elliott Motorcycles. 

Most modern vehicles incorporate extensive use of a CAN bus system. This makes it very difficult if not impossible to integrate an aftermarket ECU system unless it has been configured to communicate seamlessly with the vehicle. Every Emtron wire-in ECU can have an Application Build installed which commonly includes CAN bus decoding and in some case special functions particular to the vehicle.

We’re confident you won’t find a more flexible and value for money engine control solution for your high-performance motorcycle.

We use and recommend Emtron engine management systems so that’s why we’re pleased to be a dealer.  We can supply the entire range of Emtron products.  Please contact us if you’re looking for a particular Emtron product or solution.

We use SL Series ECUs for our race bikes.

In 2013 Emtron Australia began by taking the first step on a long journey that would ultimately create a range of extremely high-end engine management systems for a market requiring uncompromising flexibility and power in their engine control solution that didn’t require constantly investing more and more money to unlock features already on board their existing hardware.

Emtron invest an enormous amount of effort and dedication to research and development to create products which offer unparalleled capability, flexibility and data logging capacity, all the while withstanding the kinds of abuse from temperature and vibration which comes with racing.

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