Sydney Dragway Bike Nights

Sydney Dragway Bike Nights have helped us have the perfect start to the year. The summer heat and bright golden sun is back here in Sydney. So we’re making the most of it, getting out for Sunday rides and getting back to the race track. I just can’t believe it had been so long since my last pass on the quarter mile. Mind you, we have had the wettest year since weather recording started in Sydney.

When I moved to Sydney over 10 years ago drag racing soon became a big hobby of mine. Sydney Dragway is a world-class drag strip and I was living down the road. So of course, there was no use in resisting the opportunity. I started competing in the Street Bike bracket of the NSW Drag Racing Championship Series and built a few drag bikes along the way. Then, with the help of a bunch of legends, I took it up a notch with Fraser Motorcycles getting behind my proposal to build a custom 10 second Harley‑Davidson® Dyna race bike back in 2017.

Motorcycle racers line up behind the start line of the quarter mile at Sydney Dragway on Bike Night. The picture is taken from a racer behind other motorcycle racers, looking down the barrel of the race track past their right shoulders. The sun casts deep shadows over the race track, the grandstand on the left glowing in the sunlight with a soft blue sky.
A motorcycle racer lines up at the start line of the quarter mile at Sydney Dragway on Bike Night after completing a burnout. The smoke from the burnout billows into the sunset sky. The tail lights of a motorcycle shine in the background as the racer waits for the green light to go.

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, but sometimes the break between Christmas and New Year is the circuit breaker you need to get back to good old habits. One thing we hope you’ll notice this year is that James and I will be getting to the track more.  After all, it can’t be all work and no play.

The track has been calling.

That rush of a wide-open throttle in top gear, reaching a motorcycle’s ultimate straight-line speed. There’s nothing in the world like it. What I’m also looking forward to this year, is sharing that feeling with good friends.

Elliott Andrews waits behind the burnout pad on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle at the quarter mile at Sydney Dragway on Bike Night at sunset.
The sun sets on the horizon of a clear sky day while motorcycle racers put on on their helmets and gloves with their motorcycles. The sun reflects off the tank of a custom Elliott Motorcycles hooligan motorcycle in the foreground.
Dan Lesnock waits behind the burnout pad on a Harley-Davidson Pan America motorcycle at the quarter mile at Sydney Dragway on Bike Night at sunset.

James started sending our Hooligan Racer (a custom Harley‑Davidson® Street 750) down the quarter mile at the first of this year’s Sydney Dragway Bike Nights in January. Then I joined in with Dan Lesnock and Harley‑Davidson® Australia.

It’s good to be back on the race track having some fun at Sydney Dragway Bike Nights. If you’re in the area, bring your ride down to the next event. We’ll see you there!

Elliott Andrews and Dan Lesnock talking at Sydney Dragway Bike Night. Dan sits on a motorcycle while Elliott stands beside him. Both wear motorcycle leathers and helmets.

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