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Dirt Track Racer Simon Gill

Elliott Motorcycles is excited to have up-and-coming Aussie dirt track racer Simon Gill join our team.

Aus Hooligan X 2018 was a great opportunity to see Simon cut his teeth in the flat track format.  He looked pretty comfortable out there alongside his competitors, holding pace with the leading riders throughout the day and advancing through the heats into the MX Class final.  While Simon didn’t take home the silverware in 2018, it’s only a matter of time before he is seen winning flat track races.

Practice and preparation is currently underway for upcoming dirt track races in mid to late 2019. We’ll keep you posted as the racing unfolds.  In the meanwhile, we caught up with Simon to get his thoughts on his flat track racing debut.

Simon Gill Aussie dirt bike racer
Elliott Andrews and Simon Gill flat track hooligan racers

Q&A With Simon

How did you hear about Aus Hooligan X and what made you decide to race in this event?  I first saw the event being advertised through Dean Ross’s Instagram page (the organiser of AUS Hooligan X).

What did you think when Elliott approached you to be part of his team?  At first I was a little shocked but also very excited about the offer and to see where the opportunity could take me.

What did you think of this racing format?  It was set out a bit different from what I was used to but it worked very well and we got through all the races with only a few stoppages.

What is your strategy? Get out front from the beginning and hold on, or tuck in second behind the leader, or just see what happens?  With the track being short and only a small amount of laps the only strategy you can have is try get the hole shot and hold your position.

What did you think of the track?  The track was short and very tight into the corners so picking the right line was key to ensure you were able to get around the track smooth and fast, making sure to avoid the slick patches and rough spots that formed as the day went on.

Simon Gill Aussie dirt bike racer

Q&A Continued

What category did you race in?  I rode in the modern MX class.

What motorcycle did you race on?  I rode a 2014 Suzuki RMZ 450.

What do you like about the bike you raced on?  I’ve always liked the feel of the RMZ with its power delivery and the way it handles smoothly through a corner.

How did you feel during the practice session?  I actually felt pretty nervous but also in saying that I felt calm and settled into it while riding.

How did you feel you went in the heat? Anything you’d do differently next time?  I felt I needed to be a bit faster with my starts, but overall it all felt pretty good.

MX flat track hooligan racing

Q&A Continued

How did you go in the final?  Again didn’t get the start I wanted and by this time the track was rough and chewed up making it hard to get a smooth line.

Who of your competitors impressed you the most?  They all stood out really and it was good fun to watch the boys on the small pit bikes and 65cc flying around the track.

Keen to race again?  Definitely! Always keen to get back out on the track and improve from the last meet.

Simon Gill Aussie dirt bike racer
Simon Gill Aussie dirt bike racer
Simon Gill Aussie dirt bike racer

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