Dust Hustle 8

I’ve been wanting to get to a Dust Hustle for a while now.

When everyone you talk to about Dust Hustle says it’s an awesome event, you know it’ll be well worth the drive to get there. There are multiple dirt tracks to ride and lots of cool bikes.  You’ve got multiple classes for motocross, road and old school bikes. Riders wear all sorts of interesting costumes. There’s great food stalls and plenty of Young Henrys.  So when you’ve finished throwing dirt its time to throw down a beer!

Jacinta Siracusa Moto Doll with Elliott Andrews in Dust Hustle 8
Jacinta Siracusa Moto Doll with Elliott Andrews in Dust Hustle 8

There was a long day of driving ahead of us. So we got up at the crack of dawn, packed everything into a van and hit the road. 12 hours later we arrived at Queensland Moto Park and set up camp. It seemed like half of the other riders and their crews had already arrived.  So there was plenty of activity around. The camp always has a great vibe just before a day riding, wherever you are. 

It may seem crazy considering this was my first Dust Hustle but a month or so earlier I had invited Jacinta Siracusa (AKA Moto Doll) to ride our bike. I love to ride, but I also like to support other riders. Especially when you know they’ll have a lot of fun on our bike. I had a good feeling that Jacinta would be well suited to our Hooligan Racer (a custom H-D Street 750). The only thing was I built this bike for flat track racing, not for comfort. It has a hard racing seat, a high slung exhaust and no front brake.  A full day of riding on this brut was sure to take its toll on the body. Jacinta took it in her stride though.

Jacinta Siracusa Moto Doll in Dust Hustle 8
Jacinta Siracusa Moto Doll in Dust Hustle 8
The big Day

The next morning, with the rider briefing and bike scrutineering complete, Jacinta geared up and made her way to the start line for the flat track. She wasted no time taking off with the other riders. Everyone looked like they were having a grand old time out there. It was great to see all the riders sliding around the track and it made me wish I was riding. Despite the mayhem, we only saw a few people lay their bikes down. On the second run on the flat track Jacinta came off a couple of times. Nothing too serious. Massive thanks to Luke Afiasco from Karupt Customz for laying his bike down to help Jacinta pick up hers. Legend. 

After a short break, Jacinta then set out to conquer the enduro track. It was a longer, narrow dirt track with tight corners. Also a few jumps and a few trees to steer clear of. It was awesome to watch riders kicking up dust and sending their road bikes over the jumps. Despite being relatively unfamiliar with our bike Jacinta road hard all day.

Would we do it all again? 

For sure! Big thanks to Shinko for our rubber, Young Henrys for the tinnies, LDV Australia for supporting us on our journey and the guys at Ellaspede for organising a great event. 

Head to our Videos page to see a sweet clip by Bondi Films.

Photographs by Patrick Gatling.

Jacinta Siracusa Moto Doll in Dust Hustle 8
Jacinta Siracusa Moto Doll with Elliott Andrews in Dust Hustle 8

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